More about my problems with AT&T Wireless

      I had called AT&T Wireless customer service several times. I was even passed around different people like a ball. Some of the people I talked to assured me that they could fix my problem. Whatever hope I had died when I found out time and time again that they couldn’t do anything for me.
      It turns out that when I moved from MA to GA, I moved to a different wireless region. When that happens, I have to be giving a new account number in the new region when I change my cell phone number. So that at least is why I got a new account number.
      Unfortunately I’ve been told several times by different representatives that they cannot link or join my new account to my old one. They can see my old account, see my old cell phone number, see when I bought the phone, but can’t link the two accounts.
      Now this whole account mess has made my life with them miserable. This is why:

  1. I had a past due on my old account when I changed my cell phone number.
    I pay my bills online. So when ATTWS gave me the new account number, I was no longer able to access my old one and pay my bill.
    Of course I assumed that the old balance would get forwarded to the new account number. It did not.
    So then I get an overdue notice in the mail. By that time, I didn’t have the extra money at the moment to pay the bill (thanks to car breaking down). So of course I get another notice saying to pay now or be sent to collections.
    I call ATTWS to pay my bill. I enter my old cell phone number in their automated system but it becomes soon apparent that someone else has that number now. So I have to hang up and call again entering my new cell phone number.
    Finally someone takes my call and I have to explain the whole mess that I’m in. I tell them that I’m trying to pay on a bill on my old account. I have to be on hold so that she can find it. Finally after a few minutes she sees it and I pay it.
    Now how pain in the butt was that to accomplish? If ATTWS didn’t give me a new account number, or forwarded the old amount, this would have been be so much easier.
  2. It messed up my ability to get an equipment upgrade discount.
    Now for some really stupid reason AT&T’s system bases your eligibility for that discount based off when your account started. It does NOT base it on when you actually bought the phone.
    So, of course, because I got a new account number, I was no longer eligible for the discount on a phone I bought in Jan 2003.
    This is probably the biggest problem that pisses me off the most.
    I scoff now when I hear that I can upgrade my phone every year. Nooo. It’s every year that you have the same account, NOT every year after you buy the phone. Of course they don’t tell you that.
    So now I have no choice but to buy a new phone at full retail value. Or get a discount by extending my contract 2 years. Fat chance of that happening.

      Basically when Giuliano and I called ATTWS CS they should have told us that changing our cell phone numbers from MA to GA would give us a new account number. They should have explained #2 listed above to us. If I had known this would happen, I would have paid my account, upgraded my phone, THEN change my cell phone number.

      So now I have a cell phone that drops calls every 10 minutes. Because the warranty is only for a year, ATTWS can’t do anything for me. I have to mail it back to Panasonic in order to get it fixed. Meanwhile I’m paying for minutes I cannot use.
      When I mentioned this to ATTWS CS, they said I can suspend my wireless account for around $10 (probably a month). However for each day my account is suspended, it adds a day to the end my contract. Four words, “I don’t think so.”

      So I did my research on cell phones. The cheapest phone ATTWS has, a Nokia costing 99.99, is basically a piece of crap according to reviews on Amazon. I’m not paying that much for a cell phone that won’t work well.
      I found a better cell phone, but for just about $30 more I can break my contract with ATTWS. (Something that I’m still tempted to do because I’m so pissed off over all this crap.)
      So I’m browsing eBay for good cell phones cheap. I’m looking for a seller that is willing to offer a return if something is wrong with the phone. It’s the only way I can actually have a cell phone that I can use.

      My contract with ATTWS ends this October. So I’m letting my contract run out at this time. However if I do get a good paying job soon, I’ll probably use one of my first paychecks to break my contract. I’d probably actually call customer service, tell them why I’m breaking my contract, and then do so.
      Of course I’ll have to wait now when I call ATTWS CS. They have to take a good minute to read all of the notes on my account. I bet.