Cataloging Log, Earthdate 1/27/10

     First of all I apologize that this post will be quite short. I woke up this morning feeling under the weather and have been on and off fighting off whatever it is I have. I took the measure of having two cups of hot green tea as well as two oranges. I’m hoping that’s enough to fight it off, at least until the weekend.

     Work was pretty typical as I described yesterday. I had a meeting with coworkers to discuss procedures. It was good to raise issues, bounce them around, ask questions, and get feedback. I also brought up some questions I had on the serial labor periodical I was working on. After some talking with the head of serials I was able to understand what I needed to know. Sometimes I get a bit lost in the jargon of the cataloging rules, and having a bit of elaboration on the rule helps me understand why something is this way and not that way.

     I also found out that it’s that time of year for annual reviews for staff to be done. (And I am staff.) As always I appreciate feedback and help to guide me to work better and learn more. At the same time it’s the time of year that always makes me anxious. No matter what job I’ve had, review time just makes me nervous. Have I worked hard enough? Are there weak areas I don’t know of that will come up and surprise me? Have I done my best work this year or are there things I need to work on? *Deep breath.* Well I think I’m working hard, and I believe in doing my best. I will find out soon enough what my supervisors think.

     Tomorrow morning I work on our department’s wiki again. This means giving myself a refresher on the coding the wiki uses. I don’t mind as I like the opportunity and experience. In fact I quite like working with technology like this.

     Also tomorrow I have a weekly serials training meeting. It will be interesting to see everyone share their work and results. I hope to learn a lot more about serials.

So that’s it for today. I hope this helps someone out there look into the life of a (copy) cataloger.

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