Abby sleepingAbby is the youngest of all of our cats. Her birthday is September 21, 2012.

We adopted Abby from a pet rescue. They found her hiding under a bush. (Which leads to jokes calling her a bush kitty.) When I saw her in the cat room, Abby was hiding inside a cat condo. I coaxed her out and she climbed on my chest. She then licked me and purred right up against me. She did not want to leave that spot. Abby still loves to climb up on top of me when I’m lying in bed, which is less comfortable when she’s a fully grown cat.

Soon after we got Abby I noticed she kept having loose stools. It turns out she had worms. So she had to be isolated while being treated for those. Abby later developed asthma. At first we treated it with an inhaler. However, inhalers are expensive at full cost and we had to order her medicine from out of the country to even begin to afford it. So for the moment she takes half of a pill every day to help with her condition. When her asthma really acts up, she goes to the vet for a shot. Due to this Abby has to get blood work done every-so-often to make sure the medicine isn’t harming her. So far so good.

Abby is a bit of a brat with how she treats the other cats. She loves to rough play and play bite with the other cats. Most of the other cats have absolutely no tolerance for her shenanigans. Only Kero seems to want to play fight back with her. However, Abby can’t take anywhere near what she dishes out. If Kero puts a paw gently on Abby, Abby will yeowl very loudly. Abby also likes to chance and fight with Scarlett. I refer to these fights as Queenie Fights.

Abby also has this odd ability to be able to hear any delivery trucks that come to our area. I won’t even hear them yet, but Abby will. Abby then growls a few times before grumpily crawling under the bed. So she ends up being my delivery detector.

I’ve tried to get Abby to get along with Scarlett more, and not growl at trucks, but so far with little results. Abby can tolerate Scarlett at times, especially when they are both on separate ends of the bed. The truck detector, yeah no luck. I have no idea why she reacts the way she does to trucks but that habit seems to be ingrained.



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