Scarlett in a basketScarlett’s birthday is May 06, 2009.

We spotted Scarlett at a pet expo event. Angels Among Us was there with some adoptable pets. Being a pet expo, there were dogs there doing a lot of barking. Of course this upset the cats who already weren’t happy with the situation they were in. I saw Scarlett hiding under a small towel in her cage. However, every once in a while she peeked out from under the towel to look around. So I could tell that while she was scared, she was also curious.

There was a hole in both mine, and my husband’s hearts for cat losses we have had in the past couple of years prior to discovering Scarlett. I lost Kit who was a blue point siamese cat. Kit was originally my mother’s cat, but I took over taking care of her. Giuliano lost our cat Emily to illness and Emily adored Giuliano. So he lost a close friend. So I begged my husband for us to adopt Scarlett.

In the end it worked well for both of us. Scarlett adores Giuliano and loves sleeping next to him on the bed. I have a blue point kitty back in my life.

Scarlett’s story is a bit of a sad one though. Her owner fell on hard times financially from the recession. He had to move somewhere else, and they did not allow cats. He had no choice but to surrender Scarlett to a rescue. I feel bad that Scarlett lost her original home, but we both do our best to spoil Scarlett rotten.

Scarlett’s favorite season is autumn. She loves to watch the leaves fall. If one falls right in front of the window, she will tackle the window trying to catch it. Scarlett also loves to hide under blankets and purrs like crazy when she is burrowed away. Scarlett truly is a sweetheart and a very interested, curious kitty.


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