2018 calendars are starting to appear

2018 calendar image

I just wanted to make a post about the calendars I’ve been using and keeping an eye out for their 2018 versions.

First off is Lemon Thistle’s printable calendars for 2018. This is a nice set of printable monthly calendars, a list calendar for each month, and a perpetual calendar. If you’re looking for a practical, clean, and cheap way to organize, this is going to be your stop.

Next is the Siamese Cat Rescue Center with their 2018 calendar now available at their online store. I first found them years ago when they came to a huge cat show in my area. Every year they have a beautiful wall calendar for sale. I love the layout, the photos, and the paper quality. This is one calendar you will love to hang up and look at every day, and you support a cat rescue. Win-win.

Breaking Cat News comic came out with their first wall calendar. Now while I did link to Amazon, I am sure other retailers online will be selling it. That’s just where I got my calendar from. It’s sitting on a shelf waiting for the new year.

I’m still waiting to see if Black Cat Rescue comes out with a wall calendar again this year. I got their wall calendar for the first time last year as I needed a calendar for work. They had 2 sizes of wall calendars available at the time. I got the larger one, which looking back I can say wasn’t the best idea. The calendar uses a plastic coil to keep it together, so the first few months got tares in the holes that you use to hang the calendar. The weight was too much for the quality of the paper. I had to use some strong clear tape to keep the calendar from ripping those first few months. As the weight decreased over the year, the calendar was able to tolerate it just fine. So if they do make another one, get the regular (smaller) size.
UPDATE: Their calendar is now available!

If you want a Japanese calendar, JBox has calendars but be prepared to pay for shipping.

If I see any other nice calendars, especially printable ones, I’ll add them to this post.

There is always, of course, making your own Bullet Journal. If you want to go this route, I highly encourage you to look at what other people have done with their journals. Check YouTube, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I find it helps to give you ideas on both what to do with your Bullet Journal and different layout ideas.

Good luck on your hunt for the 2018 calendar for you, and getting things organized for the new year.

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