Goals for 2015

Well besides the book goal there’s..

1. Go through my clothes. Donate what doesn’t fit and is still in good condition. Toss whatever is in bad condition.

This is something I’ve already started working on around Christmas time. I have a small closet in my office room that I went through and donated around 3 bags of clothes (kitchen trash bag size) and 1 backpack I no longer used. Then I moved on to the master bedroom closet, which is pretty big. There I tossed 6 bags of clothes. So a total of 9 bags so far and I’m still not done. A lot of them were clothes I’ve had for over 10 years. Yeah, I didn’t fit those anymore. Others were kinds of clothes I didn’t like wearing anymore, like turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks. Those necks I find eventually shrink and I’m always tugging at them. Not very good body language to display. 😛

I can afford to do this now because of my new job I got in April of last year. 1> The new job requires business dress clothes, where my previous job was casual dress. As such I can now go through my casual clothes and get rid of stuff since I wear casual clothing a lot less often now. Basically, I can afford for this part of my clothing to go lean right now. 2> I can actually budget for clothing now, where the past several years I couldn’t. These past several years clothing purchases were emergencies when clothing finally started wearing out on me.

So my office closet has been looked through. The master bedroom closet is done for the most part. (I’m down to plain tee shirts that I have to look at individually and try them on to see if they still fit). But next, I’ll be moving on to looking through my dressers. Also, there’s a pile of clothes in a plastic laundry basket that’s been sitting in the corner of the master bedroom for far too long. It’s time to rewash all that and go through the same process with them.

Also, all this work has allowed me to see what types of clothes I need to buy more of now. Right now that’s hoodies and zipped sweaters, long sleeve (collarless) shirts, and pajamas.

2. Stay more on top of cleaning out my emails.

Yeah, I’ve got a build up of old emails I need to go through and either make notes online of their info, bookmark links, or just delete. I also want to stay more on top of daily emails to prevent this from building up again.

3. Take better care of brushing and flossing my teeth.

4. Organize image files on my hard drive.

Re-organize folders, delete duplicate images. Move some images to Flickr for organizing and sharing.

5. Re-burn music CDs to my hard drive.

A lot of my music files were copied to my PC many years ago and I can probably make better quality music files now. Also several years ago one of my versions if iTunes went screwy and messed up a lot of song and album information. I need a clean slate.

6. Move important files to a cloud service.

A lesson learned once again after my PC’s motherboard died.

7. Work more on cakuni.com.

Now that my fansite has spun off to its own domain name, it’s time to work some more on my personal site.

8. Look at crocheting again.

Yeah, I’m not joking. While cleaning my office closet I found my large jean bag of crocheting materials. In the bag was a scarf I was working on many years ago. I have forgotten everything now. So I bought myself a Crocheting 101 book to help me out. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to pursue it, but I want to look at it once again.

Emperor's New Groove, crocheting

9. Work on learning more web design stuff.

This is more under, “if I have the time” but still something I need to focus on again soon. I haven’t had the time to really dig in and refocus on brushing up my skills and learning new things.

Any other things I could think of I’m already working on. Giuliano and I are going to the gym more often and trying to work on getting healthier. (Getting in shape will take a long while.) Also, we already looked at and worked on our finances in the later part of last year. So that’s all set.

I’m already feeling pretty accomplished though with all the work I did cleaning out the closets this weekend. So much done before even the first week of the new year is over! 😀 It’s nice. 🙂