I liiiiive

When I said busy I meant busy. It’s been over a year since my last blog post. (Why does this suddenly feel like confession?)

Since I’m not sure even where I left off, I’ll just ramble about some things. I’ll probably be all over the place in this post.

My old (1st) Subaru named Haku went through 2 engines through no fault of my own. The second time being right after the warranty for the 1st one ran out. Long story short, I decided to put the second 5k into a new car. So now I own a 2011 Subaru Sport and I love it. I think I’m a Sport fan now. I also got 0.9% APR. Nice. 😀

In April I got a new job. The new job is closer, benefits cost less and cover more (though the copay when I have to use Urgent Care or ER sucks..), and the pay is higher. Which is good because my past job had a pay freeze for just over 5 yrs, with one of those years also having furloughs. This topped with rising benefit costs.. I loved the people I worked with, but all the work was exhausting me every night. My husband would have to wake me up for dinner. Also I don’t freeze every day sitting at my desk like I did at my old job. Oh I’m sure it’ll get cold come winter, but at least that’s an improvement. Still, it will take me a while to financially recover from the years of decreasing net pay.

My websites as you can see have moved to using WordPress. I was using Dreamweaver before, but I was limited to how I could design sites with my knowledge. So I wasn’t able to do the things I wanted to do. Plus the whole Adobe moving the latest version into the cloud and making a monthly fee to use it. No. Just no. I use their software for personal stuff. Also hopefully this will make it easier and faster to update my sites. So yay! Also my fansite spun into it’s own domain/URL. That was basically to ensure that WordPress would work correctly as both of my sites use different themes & colors. Spinning my fansite off was the safest way to do that.

My husband Giuliano recently had LASIK done on both of his eyes. His worst eye is 20/200 so it’ll help him out. My eyes aren’t that bad. Plus I’m terrible at getting eye drops in my eyes. Basically as a kid I had to get a check-up twice a year and got stinging eye drops. Now my brain associates eye drops with pain like one would a hot burner. Plus everything you have to do for recovery, how long recover takes. Nope, nope, nope. And like I said not worth the cost for my vision problems. Meanwhile Giuliano had wanted to get LASIK for a while now. And especially with having diabetes he wanted to get it done sooner rather than later in life. It’s only been a couple of weeks but I’m hopeful that his vision will continue to improve as he heals.

A while back I got myself Garmin’s Vivofit. I’m trying to use a fitness tracker device to help me get into shape. Fitbit never really helped since it basically just tells you, “Take 10k steps a day!” Okay I did 5K.. “Take 10K steps today!” Okay I did 7K.. “Take 10K steps..” Vivofit actually adjusts its goal tailored to how well or badly you do in meeting your goal. Plus I’ve had a couple of Garmin users actually leave comments on my profile! That’s better than any fitness tracker I’ve used. Right now though I’m dealing with foot pain issues since the old dress shoes I bought a while back have begun to loosen around the heel causing the shoes to slide up and down. It’s a strap so I’ve had to purchase/special order new dress shoes with laces. Hopefully that will make a difference and I can get back to walking again.

I think I’ll leave this post at this point. As an apology for being gone for so long, have a picture of a kitty. It’s Strider, who is uncharacteristically craving attention. He’s usually a scaredy cat, so I try to encourage him when he’s like this. (And that’s no zoom. He’s a Maine Coon so he is that fluffy.)


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