Wisdom Teeth Removal: Day 3


No one talks about the third day. Now I wonder and suspect why..

I woke up realizing all of my pain killers had worn off while I slept. So it was the battle to stay fairly asleep vs the pain waking me up more and more. Oh that was not fun at all. I also don’t like taking painkillers on an empty stomach so I had to down something substantial so I could take the medicine.

A bruise had finally formed under the left side of my chin. I wasn’t terribly surprised. That side of my face had been more swollen. Despite using an ice pack repeatedly over the past two days, the bruise finally appeared. And it’s nasty looking. I’m thankful now I’m not going out of the house. I’m not looking forward to the stares, startled second looks and the like when I start working again. Both cheeks are nice and tender to the slightest touch. The right one was starting to itch, so I hope that means it’s healing. There’s not a bruise on the right side of my face yet.

I finally noticed the stitches in my gum. I first discovered it after eating mac and cheese. I thought some food was stuck between my teeth, but looked to see a stitch. The teeth before the spot of the surgery on my bottom left are very tender and hurtful to even a gentle tooth brushing. I’m not sure if that’s normal. I had been rinsing with warm salt water since Friday hoping it’s helping with the healing. But with the bruise, new pain, and this tenderness I’m not so sure. I shudder to think what all this stitching means and how much work they had to do to my gum to pull out that tooth. Ugh.

Today’s food choices had broadened to mashed potatoes. I had tried some mac and cheese Friday night and enjoyed it. Amazing how much you enjoy something smooth like that after having liquids before then. I had another generic jello as well. My food options are pretty limited still and I wonder if I’ll lose or gain weight.

Since the bottom left area is getting nice and tender it’s starting to become difficult to swallow. The motion of it seems to irritate that area just enough to cause it to hurt. That’s not good. Meh. I’m waiting for this to be over.

I’m also realizing why everyone advised that if I needed all 4 of my wisdom teeth out to get it done all at once. I can’t imagine going through this twice. I don’t like the nausea, the weird dreams the lortab gives me, the pain, all the icing, etc. I’d rather go through all this misery just the one time thank you very much.

Resting, eating, icing, sleeping, taking meds.. my daily schedule isn’t that exciting. I’m not even sure if these blog posts are making much sense with how out of it I am between exhaustion and medication. I hope I’m semi coherent.

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