About me

Photo of me

Basic Stats

Occupation: Senior Library Specialist (Bibliographic management) aka paraprofessional cataloger.

Location: ~30 miles northeast of Atlanta, GA

Relationship status: Married on 10/10/10 (101010 is the binary version of the number 42. Life, the universe, and everything.)

Stuff I Like

Interests: Anime, Japanese Culture & History, Normans/Normandy (also includes Vikings), eReaders and eBooks, drawing, writing, reading, role-playing games, cataloging my book collection, fountain pens.

Past Interests: D&D, BBS, IRC

Preferred reading Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Culture books, Medieval History

Badges, we don’t need to stickin’.. Oooh shiny!

Cataloger-itis: Driven by the need to catalog by day job, and catalog personal book collection at night on places like LibraryThing.

Certified “Ancient”: Have owned a Ronin Warriors fan site since 1996.
(The series released in the states in the summer of 1995. Thus anyone who still owns & updates a site dedicated to it, that was first developed way back then, is called an “Ancient.”)

Crazed Cat Lady: Own 5 cats.

Geek: Once was co-sysop and then sysop of a BBS, taught myself HTML in 1995-96.