Boo & Kero

Boo (left) and Kero (right) Boo and Kero are brothers. Our vet puts their date of birth on September 25th, 2004.

Boo is pictured here on the left. He’s the lazy happy-go-lucky kind of personality. He meows greetings and loves carrying soft fuzzy ball toys from room to room. This is always accompanied by a muffled bunch of meowing before his gift is left at your feet. Petting Boo in certain places for some reason causes him to go on a grooming spree. Boo will let you know when he wants to be picked up, called ‘ups’, by standing on his hind legs and reaching his front legs up to you. If you deny ups for too long, he will just jump on top of you, claws and all.

Kero is pictured here on the right. He’s the alpha cat of the family, but also a complete Mama’s boy. He loves keeping me company, and lying next to me or on me at night. Kero hates it when we travel. When the luggage comes out he gets really upset and angry. Kero just gets really lonely when we’re gone. So naturally he hates it when we’re leaving for a time.
Kero will also let you know, a lot, if he wants some attention and love. He also likes drinking out of the sink.
Kero is friendly to all of the cats, and is the only cat who tolerates our youngest cat Abby when she roughhouses with him. Kero adores our cat Scarlett and will groom her, but if he tries to put a paw or leg on her, he gets an instant swat. Then Kero will look hurt for a time. Kero needs to learn that Scarlett has boundaries.

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