Stuff I own that I found worth the money

I was recently reflecting on some things that I own that I’ve come to realize I really enjoy and found they were worth the money to purchase. So here’s a list of things of them.

  • Clothing
    • Wool socks
      I’ve discovered that if my feet are cold, I’m cold. If my feet are cold when I’m trying to sleep, I will shiver like crazy instead of being able to fall asleep.
    • My REI jacket
      A while ago I was at an REI and I found a nice waterproof windbreaker jacket. It’s nice by itself when the weather has been rainy and dreary, which has been a lot lately here. It also works great for layering a warmer jacket under it.
  • Electronics
    • Headphones
      Nothing like good headphones whether it is using them at work or at the gym. There are the Taotronics Bluetooth earbuds I got that nicely snap together via magnets so that they can’t fall off. Next there’s the cheap Sennheiser HD 206 headphones that I got for work because well they are cheap and it won’t be so terrible if someone walked off with them. Of course, eventually, work noise became too much and I had to research and invest in noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones. Getting those has helped me so much in focusing on my work and drowning out outside noise, from people talking too loud, to the leaf blowers going outside, to that damn bird that starts up a full hour before sunrise.
    • Bluetooth USB adapter
      To go with the Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones, I got an adapter for home and one for work. This too quickly became a “How did I live without this?” item. I no longer needed to navigate what I was listening to via my phone, I could finally navigate via my PC as I used to do with my corded headphones.
    • Google Hub
      I managed to snag one of these on a great deal. I wanted something to tell me about the weather, commute, and news as I walking around getting ready for work. I thought that it might fit the bill, and it did. Not only that, but one of our cats has taken to watching cat videos on it as well. Plus when I’m not using it, the hub doubles as a nice clock so I don’t lose track of time.
  • Food & Drink
    • Forlife tea infuser & dish
      While this tea infuser is great for brewing loose tea, the dish also doubles as a place to put your tea bags after brewing.
    • Monbento square box
      I started with the MB Original, but soon moved to the MB Square. It has been a staple for what I use to pack my lunch. Even my husband has been using one to pack his food for work.
    • Ebags lunch bag (Crew Cooler II)
      I’m actually on my second Ebags lunch bag at this point because of how much I used the first one I had. It fits the Monbento box, breakfast, snacks, drinks, ice pack, etc. It’s my all in one food bag that I bring into work with my food for the day.
    • Sistema cutlery set
      I got this portable plastic cutlery set from the Organizer Store and it has lasted for quite a while. It’s great using it for eating my meals.
    • Hydro Flask
      I got myself the 40 oz Hydro Flask to use at work and later got an additional one for home. I don’t know what it is, but this particular tumbler has worked great for making sure I drink enough water during the day. I’ve had other drink containers, but this one has consistently worked for me.
  • Everything else
    • Spotify premium
      Spotify premium has been a godsend on my commutes to and from work. The offline ability to listen to various playlists that I’ve saved to my phone help with dealing with the drive and traffic.
    • Lihit lab
      Oh Lihit Lab, how I love your products. From your Teffa Pen Case, to your stand pen cases (and PuniLabo), the Smart fit carrying pouch, and your A5 Smart Fit Cover Notebook, this brand just delivers.
    • Eye mask
      It took me a while to find an eye mask that I thought I could comfortably wear at night, and it has made such a difference. I have noticed my quality of sleep is much better while wearing it.
    • Deflecto organizers
      I discovered these when watching a YouTube organizing video. I picked some up and yeah they work great. My pens, markers, and highlighters are organized and out in the open for easy use and access.
    • Inverted umbrella
      I got one of these on sale, and yeah it works. It’s a nice large umbrella and it’s easy to open when stepping through a doorway or opening my car door. Sure it takes a lot of space, but it works.
    • Portable heater
      My boss recommended a small 250w portable heater. I find it useful the few times at work when my feet are freezing. Even though I work in a cubicle, having it under my desk pointed towards my feet does help.
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