Wisdom Teeth Removal: Day 5


Thanks to lack of decent wholesome sleep via my prescription pain meds, I was unable to even attempt to return to work.

I’m still having pain brushing even as gentle as I can be around the left side of my mouth with the bottom left being the worst. So I called the office when I was more awake in the afternoon about it. They said day 3-4 is the worst so it’s normal. Well technically this is day 5, but I have no energy to discuss it. I was reassured that they’ll go over how everything is going on my Thursday afternoon appointment.

Meanwhile I’ve sworn off lortab. It’s just ibuprofen now. I’m doing my best to manage through the pain. It’s mostly tolerable. I get headaches, especially on the side of my head. I’m assuming that’s due to pain from the jaw. I know I’ve clenched my teeth a few times. I may even be grinding in my sleep with all the stress. The bruise on the left side of my face is almost always hurting me and the ibuprofen isn’t helping with that. The bruise as spread out both up my cheek and down to my neck. So it’s quite painful over a large area. My sinuses on my left side along with my left ear hurt too.

I had to pick up some sneakers I had to special order. Turns out I have really wide feet. So I get dressed to go out. I wear my Fruits Basket shirt of Kyo that says “Fits of Fury.” If I’m bruised to heck, might as well poke fun at it. I get a bit motion sick on the ride there. *sighs* I’ve been having nausea every time I lie down to sleep and when I wake up, along with stomach pains. I can’t figure if it’s the pain meds or the antibiotic or both. Anyway I get to the shoe store and I’m very self conscious about my looks. I keep my eyes down, ask for the shoes, get them, and leave. When I get back home I get back into my pjs. So much for my romp outside.

More light scratching of the bruised areas going on. I weigh myself and I’ve lost about 7 pounds since the last time I checked. That’s not good. I worry my exhaustion is a sign I’m not getting enough calories in me. One heck of a diet, just don’t eat anything solid. I have to keep pressing on though. I’m not sure how well this is healing up and if it doesn’t go well my molars may be in trouble.

I look forward to bed without weird nightmares. I actually have a hard time drifting off to sleep. I suppose my body is used to the medication helping with that. My stomach begins to hurt again which doesn’t help either. Sleep comes and I do have a bad dream, but at least it kind of made sense. That’s an improvement. It was an extension of my worries of when I ride the train again into work.

I decide to take Tuesday off of work as well. My energy reserves are just non-existent. I need another day’s rest and more time off that damn lortab under my belt. Plus I’ll need the day to see if I can manage getting around by myself again.

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