Cataloging Log, Earthdates 1/28/10 and 1/29/10

     Thursday was a very very busy day. Procedures discussed late the previous day were rediscussed after we had a night’s rest, and some of us more time to think on things. Then forward we went implementing them. Like trying anything new you find some things you expect, and some things you weren’t. Much of the day seemed to be spent discovering something, discussing it with coworkers to see if they stumbled upon it too, and them addressing me with similar concerns.

     Perhaps it is due to my personality that I’m often a creature of habit and schedule. It’s so easy once as you learn the rules of cataloging to get into a groove, so to speak. You’re used to doing things in order step by step. New or different ways of doing things throws me a bit as I try to combat old habits. So I have to develop new habits, new steps to use, and adjust accordingly.

     I had my serials training, which is a group endeavor. As I expected it was good to get together and discuss the problems we each had with our periodicals. I still think it’ll take a bit of work and practice to really get the hang of them. Sometimes I understand how to do something, other times I’m trying to look up the information. Sometimes I get confused and have to ask for help. Well eventually I’ll be able to understand how to catalog these or else I’ll have serials cataloging rules memorized from re-reading them so much.

     By the end of the day I had a terrible headache. The fact that I was so busy that I didn’t have much water to drink all day probably didn’t help. It felt like someone had slipped me a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster when I was away from my desk. Between the headache and the bug I have been fighting, I just collapsed when I got home. I was completely exhausted.

     Friday was a bit better as things had settled down a bit as processes became a bit more polished, so to speak. I guess it’s kind of like someone disturbing a riverbed and all the silt gets stirred up. Over time the silt settles down again. I tried to make a concerted effort to drink more water this day and hammer down any issues that crept up.

     A nice thing about Friday was that I was able to go to a presentation of a potential library liaison. My previous position was at a small private college so we didn’t have any liaisons. I don’t recall any at my alma mater either. It’s good to get a sense of what this person has done as well as learn more about my workplace at the same time. Besides one day after I get my Masters I may be presenting like that for a position. I figure it’s best to settle back and see what I will have to do in the future.

     It was also the end of the month, a time when we turn in our monthly statistics sheet. This means spending some time counting up my hash marks, totaling them, and making sure the numbers add up. Also for me it’s a double-check to make sure all problems are off my desk and shelves and in processing. (I don’t keep anything for long, but end of the month I especially don’t want anything at all. I like to start the new month out fresh.)

     Like with Thursday, Friday had me feeling a bit run down. I spent a good deal of time playing Aion during the night just to help me unwind. I wonder if any other library workers play online RPGs, or maybe I’m a rare breed.

     Lately I’ve been having thoughts about what track I want to work on for a Masters in Library Science. Though I enjoy cataloging, I enjoy web design, wikis, blogging, social networks, etc. So some sort of web design / technology track would interest me as well. So I’m making plans to try to talk with my fellow coworkers and get their input of what kind of track they think would be good to follow, what to expect, etc.

     In other news I got word that my Nook has finally shipped. Though the Kindle had caught my eye quite a few times, I’ve been quite unhappy with them lately. Basically I’ve been taken aback ever since Amazon changed their ToS to not allow mobile software developers to use Amazon’s information in applications they create for cell phones. Amazon is a big player in the field of information/database about books, and I’m not too keen on the “we own the information” attitude. People who want to create mobile cataloging applications (such as Pocketpedia) to keep track of what you own are running against this wall of Amazon’s. (Or in Pocketpedia’s case were since they lost that battle, along with other similar application developers.) Anyway before I tangent further into that rant, let me say that I’ll try to post my experiences with the Nook. I’ve never had an e-reader before, unless you count my iPhone. So this will be an interesting experience.

     Edit: As an aside I had to enter in a comment found under this article on Slashdot because it amused me. “I, for one, welcome our new code-sharing librarian overlords.” 😀

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