Some Deep Thoughts

To be human is to know that you are going to make mistakes.
Yet this whole concept has seemed to elude some people.
Why is it that some people have a low tolerance for mistakes? You make a mistake and they yell and scream at you until they turn blue and your pride and self-esteem is shattered.
I know mistakes happen. So my thinking is that, “Okay. There was a mistake. Now how do we fix it?”
Yelling and screaming aren’t going to fix anything. It sure as heck isn’t going to solve anything either. If anything it only makes matters worse. The last thing you should do when a mistake is made is to knock that person down and make them feel miserable about it.
Getting angry about a mistake won’t make it go away. And getting angry won’t change the fact a mistake has happened. The only thing you can do is acknowledge the mistake was made and correct it.
I would approach the situation by solving the mistake myself as quickly as possible. Otherwise I’d approach the person who made the mistake. Maybe I’d say something like, “Hey. I found out there’s an error with this project that you did. Can you go back and fix it for me?”
Mistakes happen. Move on and focus your energy on solving them instead of ranting about them.

If you ever get angry at someone you should always apologize about it later.
I had a manager that was having a bad day and he got a bit angry. Then later he approached me and said he was sorry if he appeared angry at me. Then he told me this wasn’t the case and he was just having a bad day. And then he apologized again. That whole event made me see my manager in a better light. I had even more respect for him then I did before.
So that’s how I feel is how people should approach the situation of getting angry with someone. We have bad days or bad moments. We know we shouldn’t take it on other people. If we do, we should face facts and apologize for our anger after we’ve had a chance to cool down.

We are all sorry when we’ve done something wrong. So the first thing we want to do is say that we are sorry and ask for forgiveness. Sometimes it’s followed up by a request to do something in return to make up for whatever we did wrong.
Now forgiveness is a two-way road. First the person making the mistake has to ask for forgiveness. Then the person who was wronged has to accept the apology offered.
No matter how sorry you are, and how much you work to make it up, you cannot control if and when someone will forgive you. You can be sorry, bow low, weep, and work up their trust again until the day you die, but still that will not control when someone will forgive you. So do not linger on a mistake for the rest of your life. If you have said you are sorry and demonstrated your sorrow then you have done your part.
When someone has made a mistake, asks for forgiveness, and goes to show you how sorry they are, you should forgive them. Actually show and state that you forgive them. Then move on and forget the mistake that was made. If this doesn’t happen, it breaks down the relationship between you and the person who made the mistake. That person will always be fearful of making another mistake. They may avoid you, look downward instead of eye to eye contact, and talk less in fear they’ll provoke you again.

So ask yourself these things.
Have you lately been angry or curt with someone when you shouldn’t have? Have you told them you’re sorry?
Lately has someone asked you for forgiveness for something they did wrong? Did you forgive them?

There is a lot of hatred in the world. There is a lot of anger and sorrow too. Just take a moment to look around. Just look at the news around the world. There is enough hate in this world without having to add to it ourselves.
So instead of adding to the hate, add to the happiness and joy of which there is too little of. If you want to make this world a better place, it starts with the action of each of us. We each decide how we want the world to be by our actions and their reactions.
So next time the moment approaches when you can be angry or forgiving, think of all of the hatred and sorrow in the world. Then make the choice that you know is right.

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