Two Firsts Today

     So I had two Firsts in my life today, one good, one bad.

     I’ll start with the bad.

     I got into my fiance’s car this evening to go shopping for new headlights for my car since one just went out. Suddenly I felt a pain in my right leg. I rubbed it and it stopped. It happened again. I did the same thing. Then it happened again. Okay I think something is biting me on my leg. I pull up my jeans and something falls off my leg. At first I excuse it as a strange object. Then I see something small and moving across the mat on the floor. However since the mat is black I can’t tell what it is. So I keep looking. Then I notice ants on it. Then I notice them crawling all over my sneaker. Then I notice them walking up my sock. Then I notice them on my leg itself and … OW! I’m getting attacked by quite a bunch of fire ants!

     Realizing what is going on I scream out that I’m getting bitten and attacked my ants to my fiance. I quickly try to brush them off or kill them before they can bite any more. Unfortunately one gets on my left thumb and bites the top of that. I keep getting bitten as I try to swipe them off. My fiance finds a place to pull over. I open the door and continue to swat at ants on my leg and still they manage to crawl up somehow and bite me. This goes on for some minutes even after my fiance removes the mat from the car.

     Of course as this all happened I thought back to the large ant hill at the end of our yard by the street edge. I was always suspicious of it but my fiance kind of waved it off. Now I knew for sure it was a fire ant hill and somehow I had stepped on it or too close to it before getting into my fiance’s car. (Which was parked on the road.) Least to say they started this war and I’m going to finish it with a vengeance. And yes fire ant bites REALLY HURT.

     Now the good first.

     Today at work I cataloged my first original record. Actually my first FIVE original records. This is a big deal as I’ve been copy-cataloging all this time. I added new records to the online record database (OCLC). Whoooo. One step closer to being a fully fledged cataloger. I’ll be adding even more original records soon. (I’m waiting for my boss to finish reviewing my work and giving me the okay to update the holdings on them.)

5 thoughts on “Two Firsts Today”

    • Yes a lot of ows. :/
      I put some aloe on the bites along with some anti-itch lotion.
      I’ve already doused the nest twice with boiling water. Damn buggers are still alive though. Going to have to try something else. Already finding some smaller nests in yard too. Not good.

  1. Hi! First of all, I think it is so AWESOME that you have continued to keep a RW/YST all these years. This is truly one of the bright spots of this semester. I love your new wallpaper with the warlords and the nether sky.
    Second, I – MYSTIC – am trying to start a reunion throughout the fandom. I do not know if your email or account is up-to-date on Swiftgold’s ronins ML. I have the YSTML going fairly well.
    I hope to see you there!

    • Well I rejoined both yahoo groups. We’ll see what happens.
      Thanks for the comments. It helps to know someone besides me is looking at the things I’m uploading. Sometimes I worry that I hear the on line crickets chirp.

      • You’re welcome. I have gotten the impression that nearly everyone left in the RW/YST fandom feels the same way you do. We have all drifted apart, and we feel a bit lonely about it. Everyone needs to make the conscious effort to keep the fandom alive.

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